Need To Know…

Here are a few things that could help you secure a freelance gig on iProo:

Service Charge:  Virtual freelancers on iProo are allowed the exclusive privilege of setting the suitable charge for their services. This is usually set from the inception (i.e during your initial registration). While several requests may come through in alignment with your field of expertise, these virtual freelance engagement requests may fall below your pricing threshold and as a result might get allotted to another freelancer who would rather charge less for the same service. In simpler terms, a freelancer who charges $10 for a service is more likely to get freelance gigs than another verified freelancer looking to bill $30 for services. The keyword here is, every client wants the best for less.

Persona: Your personality description says much about you than you know. While clients may require to read up about a freelancer before deciding to engage with them; it’s not far-fetched that their core judgment revolves around what they see. A few instances are highlighted below:

Tommy’s Persona detail reads thus:

I am tall, cute and a fun guy to be with

Below is Jason’s Persona detail:

I am a team leader with vast insight on corporate communications and brand development. My outstanding values enable me deliver great work and actionable business leads which in turn is perceived as a major deal maker for firms and other associates. With a dual degree in Business Administration and Marketing, I have been able to support revenue generation activities for blue-chip firms and fortune 500 companies over the years. While I look to leverage my excellent values via freelance, I believe quite a number of businesses and individuals will find any engagement with me; worth their precious time

With the citations above, it’s absolutely obvious any client looking to get an appropriate resolution would rather pick Jason over Tommy.

Bidding Keywords: There are basically two categories of freelance gigs on iProo. The general and the custom freelance gigs. While the custom gig is automatically routed to a freelancer based on strict criteria rounding up to about 85% of a client’s requirement. The general freelance gigs prompts about 10 to 15 freelancers to submit a bid for a freelance gig, after which same gets allotted to a single verified freelancer.

The major thing to note about the bidding process is “Keywords”. Keywords could help sell your profile if you have stated the exact thing a client is looking out for in your personality description.

Here is a little instance to depict what this really entails:

Jack (a client) seeks to engage a freelancer who is dedicated to project execution in the shortest possible time.

The major keywords in Jack’s request can be pegged as “dedicated” and “shortest possible time”.

While 10 to 15 freelancers may be asked to bid for this, 5 out of the lot may have either of this keywords while a single freelancer may have both keywords in their personality description or even more. Automatically, the freelance gig gets to be routed to the freelancer with these exact keywords.

Verification Status: The verification status of a member on iProo determines the level of access and exposure a member is allowed on the platform. This implies that should a freelance gig/job which aligns with an individual’s area of expertise becomes available, such freelancer would only be able to access the content of the project and execute the job once the portal is able to recognize the membership status as being “verified”.

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