Understanding the iProo Process

iProo is a closed profiling content and virtual administration management system; this implies that login credentials are not required to access resources on this virtual facility. A unique membership ID is generated for every individual upon sign up and this would be latched directly to all details pertaining to a member. The membership ID has been couched in a bid to simplify accessibility and also uphold iProo’s efficient information verification and management process.

While our process is automated, we have also integrated a manual double-checking process to ensure accountability and credibility of some data being logged on iProo.  It is pertinent to also highlight the importance of maintaining a single point of contact cross platform. This implies that all contact details provided during registration by a member must be in absolute alignment with contact details to be shared across other web slates on iProo.

bidding_paddles_2015 (1)

Sequel to a successful sign up and membership verification of an individual on iProo, general virtual freelance gigs are allotted based on a member’s area of specialty via the adoption of a bidding process. This depicts that upon availability of a freelance service request by a client, the gig is put up for bidding so as to enable a client select a freelancer of their choice for a virtual freelance engagement. Key parameters which determines the feasibility of scaling through a bid revolves around the description of a member’s persona which must have been provided during sign up.


Once a virtual freelance contract is allotted to a member, such task is expected to be completed within 24hours and payment also gets initiated directly to the member’s bank details within the same timeline. However, bid pages would be restricted upon the closure of a freelance gig.