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About Olalekan:

I am a very diligent professional with vast knowledge in various technological areas. The quality of services delivered to my associates over the years goes a long way to ensure I stay motivated and true to my passion of providing valuable technical insights to business partners.

Freelance Gig Allotted to Olalekan:

Melissa (a client) would like to find out the procedures and processes involved in obtaining a point-of-sales payment processor for her business. Kindly advise appropriately.

Olalekan’s Resolution:

The process to apply for a point of sales (pos) for your business

First and foremost before applying for a point of sales payment processor for your business. Your business must be duly registered with CAC before applying via your bank, you can proceed with the process of applying for a point of sales payment processor by following the steps I have outlined below:

Steps to apply

  • Your business name must be registered with corporate affairs commission(CAC), Before applying  through the bank.
  • The service provider will ensure your business is doing good turnover before the end of the month.
  • After verifying that, you would registered with your business name.
  • The point of sales would take minimum or maximum of two to three weeks depend on your account officer efficient he/she put in getting the point of sales ready for your business.
  • The point of sales would be deployed by a route Marshall either the bank or the pos company.
  • After deploying the point of sales a form that is carrying the bank logo would be given to you to fill and sign, date both the route Marshall.
  • If any issues prompt up before the route Marshall is leaving he/she would drop a contact detail and customer care representative desk number.

With the above mentioned steps you can therefore apply for any point of sales from the preferred bank of your choice, which can provide a prompt feedback if there is any necessity, so the issues would be treated appropriately with quick action.

Pos charges

The normal charges by CBN of Nigeria is #65 per transaction which would be charged on the merchant that is using the pos. Some banks can reduce the charges and use it as a strategy to persuade their potential customer to apply from thier bank. Therefore always ensure you are applying for a point of sales payment processor where you are certain your account officer is ready to serve you right.