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About Olufemi:

I am an easy going person and i love to seek knowledge about life generally.

Freelance Gig Allotted to Olufemi:

Andrew would like to know if it is advisable to purchase plots of land without a ‘C of O’ in Nigeria. The property in view only has an excision title. Kindly advise Andrew appropriately.

Olufemi’s Resolution:

“My advise to Andrew is that you can go ahead to purchase the land so far there is excision title. Excision is the permission given by the government to an individual to acquire a landed properties.

Another advise i will give to Andrew is that he should make sure he collects a deed of assignment which is the evidence of transfer of land from the formal owner to Andrew (the present owner). A land with excision title shows that government has given an individual right to own the land.”