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About Maryam:

I am a resourceful and positive minded Individual with exceptional writing & problem solving skills, as well as the ability to effectively work Independently on autonomous assignments, and execute challenging tasks accurately & speedily, while paying great attention to detail. I am determined to provide best services to my Clients at all times.

Freelance Gig Allotted to Maryam:

Jim (a client) is working on a paper and would like to rephrase the paragraph below:

“Usually, the media spin on psychological explorations of childhood isn’t nearly so reassuring. But this research lends itself to the latest message making the rounds of our hyperparenting culture: Let children be children; do more for your kids by doing less. Little troublemakers who aren’t destined for underperformance make good poster children for the mellow counsel against rushing to pathologize or push kids onto a fast track too soon.”

Kindly provide an appropriate feedback using the dialogue box below:

Maryam’s Resolution:

“The usual information being circulated by the media on psychological analysis of Childhood (development) is quite discouraging. However, this research seeks to examine the trending message of “Let Children be Children” (i.e assisting your kids more by being less intrusive), in today’s hyperparenting cultured society. Exuberant kids, having the natural ability to perform exceedingly, serve as good role models for the slow parenting advocacy against micro managing children, by either suppressing or accelerating their ability too soon.”


The paragraph was rephrased as seen above so as to clearly reveal the true intent of its content primarily by:-

1. Using mostly simpler words in each sentence.

2. Reducing the application/use of subordinate clauses in the paragraph to curb ambiguity.

3. Placing punctuation marks where necessary.

4. Avoiding the use of passive language.

5. Including further information in bracket, where necessary.

Thank you.