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Before landing your dream job, one of the most flexible and rewarding online jobs you can do from your home today is to execute virtual gigs on iProo. Working with us as a virtual freelancer could earn you between N65,000 and N80,000 on a monthly basis. You could either freelance full time or part time as well.

Quite apparent; working from home isn’t for everyone, but if you are confident, disciplined and self motivated – joining our team may just be the exact thing you need to consider.

Engaging on iProo guarantees you a professional development opportunity and an avenue to legitimately make decent earnings with your time.


You don’t need to be an expert to become a freelancer, all you require is basic knowledge in any field, your commitment and the willingness to help others with advisory services and other information requests they seek via iProo.

In a nutshell, why advise your friends for free when you could advise clients on iProo and get paid for doing so…

Verified freelancers on iProo enjoy the exclusivity of working using their mobile phones from any location, this enables them travel wherever they want while still meeting up with their contractual deadlines.

Regardless of your field of expertise and area of specialty, iProo is most likely to have a corporate gig for you with a payment protection that ensures you are always paid for the hours you work – all within 24hours of executing a job.


Joining the iProo team has now been simplified and made quite easy, but here are the basic requirements needed before you sign up:

  • A valid email address (for vital updates)
  • A Nigerian Bank account (for you to receive payments)
  • A specific subject area which matches your interest or aligns with your profession (to be selected during sign up) e.g. visual arts and design, creative writing and editing, legal services and documentation, marketing and promotions, web programming, health nutrition and fitness, general consultancy and lots more.
  • The verification of your membership.
  • An active mobile line (for instant mobile prompts on jobs/gigs to be executed).

You can sign up on iProo today as a virtual freelancer by hitting the button below:


Verified freelancers are also afforded the benefit of obtaining a support fund via iProo Turf.