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With the rate of unemployment in Nigeria, there are still a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities that are yet untapped. One of this untapped opportunities is bead-making which many people are just starting to embrace.

Although a lot of Nigerian youths have ventured into the bead making business, there is need for them to know what to that will basically make their business standout from that of their peers.

The story of Abimbola Balogun, a graduate of Petroleum Training Institute, Nigeria, is one that could inspire all aspiring entrepreneurs.

Balogun couldn’t find a job as a petroleum marketer so she decided to keep herself busy by making bead necklaces. She invested 400 Naira in beads to make two necklaces, which she later sold for 5,000 naira – more than 1,000 percent profit! Bimbo never searched for a job again. Today, she is very successful in her business enterprise in bead-making with profits translating to hundreds of thousands.


 How to start the business

Anyone can make beaded jewelry. All you need are a few simple tools and a little creativity. In today’s internet-based world, you really don’t need any formal training to start making beautiful pieces of bead jewelry. There are hundreds of resources online that can get you started in this venture in less than 30 minutes.

To make bead jewelry, you will need some metal strings for connecting the beads, wire cutters, a tape measure, pins, clasps and different types of beads, of course. More importantly, you will need a bead design board to help you make the job much easier and organised

The market is usually flooded with all kinds of bead jewelry – so, there’s a lot of competition. The key to survive and succeed in this business is to create a unique brand. Establishing a niche in the market is difficult, but not impossible. A good way to get the attention of potential customers is to advertise in fashion and wedding magazines. if you are just starting your business and cannot afford the cost of advertising it on these platforms, you can use word-of-mouth. Moreover, whatever fantastic piece you are making will advertise our work to the world.


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